Lunar & Soul “I KNOW” Candle

AUD $45.00


Fresh coconut milk served with sweet tropical palm sugar.

CRYSTAL Blue Calcite –

Communication • New Ideas • Confidence

Blue calcite is a powerful soothing stone that assists with relaxation and helps sooth an emotional body as it opens up a stronger communication channel between your thoughts and feelings.
This stone filters out negative energies and brings in positive vibrations whilst helping you self express. It assist stimulating creative ideas with confidence.

MANTRA “I know”

At ‘lunar and soul’ we believe that combing crystals with meditation and mantras can be even more empowering…so why not give it a try.

How to 

Pick up your crystal and place it in your hand. Gazing upon your crystal attune yourself with its energy. Now close your eyes and notice where you’re feeling its energy within your body.
Then, either out loud or in your mind, repeat a particular phrase over and over again.

Using a mantra when meditating helps to suppress thoughts and distractions and regularly repeating a mantra that reflects your vision for yourself can increase the likelihood of it becoming reality.

Our mantra suggestions for blue calcite 

• ‘I KNOW my strength‘
• ‘I KNOW I can’


Size – Large 300gms